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In questa pagina raccogliamo articoli di approfondimento, estratti e opere di consultazione (tutti i documenti sono in pdf). La pagina è in costruzione. Ultima modifica: 28 maggio 2017.


Strumenti e opere di consultazione

Articoli di Jonathan Z. Smith

Jonathan Z. Smith, A Twice-Told Tale: The History of the History of Religions’ History
[Numen 48/2 (2001), pp. 131-146]

Jonathan Z. Smith, Earth and Gods
[Id., Map Is Not Territory: Studies in the History of Religions, Leiden 1978, pp. 104-128]

Jonathan Z. Smith, Religion and Bible
[Journal of Biblical Literature 128/1 (2009), pp. 5-27]

Jonathan Z. Smith, Religions in the Liberal Arts: Reflections on Teaching
[The Chicago Forum on Pedagogy and the Study of Religion 1 (2001-2002), pp. 6-14]

Jonathan Z. Smith, Religion, Religions, Religious
[M.C. Taylor (ed.), Critical Terms for Religious Studies, Chicago 1998, pp. 269-284]

Thomas Pearson et al., The Devil in Mr. Smith: A Conversation with Jonathan Z. Smith
[Teaching Theology and Religion 17/1 (2014), pp. 61-77]

Quaestiones disputandae

Jan ASSMANN, Monotheism and its Political Consequences
[B. Giesen and D. Šuber (eds.), Religion and Politics: Cultural Perspectives, Leiden 2005, pp. 141-159]

Jan ASSMANN, The Mosaic Distinction: Israel, Egypt, and the Invention of Paganism
[Representations 56 (1996), pp. 48-67]

Jan ASSMANN, Political Theology: Religion as a Legitimizing Fiction
[B. Giesen and D. Šuber (eds.), Religion and Politics: Cultural Perspectives, Leiden 2005, pp. 193-203]

Daniel BOYARIN, Moses’s Veil and the Hermeneutics of Supersession
[Diacritics 23/2 (1993), pp. 16-35]

Daniel BOYARIN, Paul and the Genealogy of Gender
[Representations 41 (1993), pp. 1-33]

Daniel BOYARIN, Jonathan BOYARIN, Diaspora: Generation and the Ground of Jewish Identity
[Critical Inquiry 19/4 (1993), pp. 693-725]

Paul R. EDDY, Jesus as Diogenes? Reflections on the Cynic Jesus Thesis
[Journal of Biblical Literature 115/3 (1996), pp. 449-469]

Martin GOODMAN, Modeling the Parting of the Ways
[A.H. Becker and A.Y. Reed (eds.), The Ways That Never Parted, Minneapolis 2007, pp. 119-129]

Steve MASON, Jews, Judaeans, Judaizing, Judaism
[Journal for the Study of Judaism 38 (2007), pp. 457-512]

Claudia MOATTI, Translation, Migration, and Communication in the Roman Empire
[Classical Antiquity 25/1, pp. 109–140]

Mauro PESCE, Riflessioni sulla natura storica e culturale delle sacre scritture giudaiche
[Rivista Biblica 60 (2012), pp. 445-474]

Pierluigi PIOVANELLI, Halfway Between Sabbatai Tzevi and Aleister Crowley
[T. Burke (ed.), Ancient Gospel or Modern Forgery? The Secret Gospel of Mark in Debate, Eugene 2013, pp. 157-183]

Gary A. RENDSBURG, Israel Without the Bible
[F.E. Greenspahn (ed.), The Hebrew Bible: New Insights and Scholarship, New York 2007, 3-23]

David RHOADS, Performance Criticism: An Emerging Methodology
[Biblical Theology Bulletin 36/3 (2006), pp. 118-133]

Vernon K. ROBBINS, Picking Up the Fragments: From Crossan’s Analysis to Rhetorical Analysis
[Foundations and Facets Forum 1/2 (1985), pp. 31-64]

Maurice SACHOT, Invention d’une genèse
[Cahiers de Médiologie 11 (2001), pp. 97-103]

Stanley K. STOWERS, The Concept of “Community” and the History of Early Christianity
[Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 23 (2011), pp. 238-256]

Ruben ZIMMERMANN, How to Understand the Parables of Jesus: A Paradigm Shift in Parable Exegesis [Acta Theologica 6/1 (2009), pp. 157-182]

Classici (quasi) introvabili


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